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Invest together with your family, friends, and brilliant people all over the world. Get real-time notifications when others make trades and copy their moves!

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Filled a Huge Gap



Excellent app. An amazingly simple concept and well designed. Never knew how much this was needed until it was here. The community is amazing on here and will genuinely help you grow as an investor. Great people, ideas, and knowledge. Can’t recommend enough. I think this is like the second time in my life to actually take the time to write a review so I feel very strongly about this app. Highly recommend.

Social investing



If you are into investing then you know how difficult it can be to find investor groups online to socialize with. This solves that problem. It also solves the problem of not being able to see the actual portfolio performance of people you follow on a regular social platform. I’m looking forward to the future of Iris and specifically more integration with cryptocurrency exchanges!

Incredible community



I’ve been using this app for some time and I just can’t stress it enough how friendly and helpful the community is - with whatever questions you have someone knows the answer. You can be completely new to trading and be embraced by an absolutely amazing community. I will continue to use this app.

Great App



Before getting this app I was not sure of the benefits of socializing portfolios. Needless to say, this proved to be a great way to grow my portfolio and network with fellow investors. The interface is easy and navigation is straight forward. Looking at friends' investments helped me to diversify my portfolio. I would recommend this app to anybody interested in the stock market!

Beginner - Love it



Was always lost as to where to start with investing. Iris allows me to now see how others do it which has been awesome to help me get started. Highly recommend for beginners!

Talk stocks. With magic.

Simply connect your brokerage and let Iris do the heavy lifting for you. It works with Robinhood, Fidelity, TD, and WeBull.

Bank-level security. Data never sold.

Encrypted and Secured

Iris encrypts and protects all of your brokerage data using TLS protocols and GCP data security and storage tools.

Access controlled and audited

Iris employees who access your data to build new features, debug issues, or support you are tracked and audited.

Your data is your business

Iris does not sell your personal and brokerage data. Not to hedge funds, not to brokerages, not to advertisers.

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"Iris has opened the doors into an unprecedented world of financial clarity. This platform builds trust between educators and followers, strengthens intellectual capital amongst traders, and puts market insight at your fingertips. We now have something that we've never had before: transparency in Finance."

Adam Leach, Creator of @inthemoney

Meet the team

At Iris, we believe that everyone in the world can be an investor if their friends, family members, and other brilliant minds show them the ropes. It is with this belief that we have made it our mission to bring social sharing and community collaboration found in Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to the investment world. ‍

Brian Schardt, CEO  and CTO

Chris Josephs, Head of Growth

Adi Lingampally,  COO

Aaron Langley, Engineering

Scott Schardt, Engineering

Jonny Borgas, Engineering

Tyler Christensen, Engineering

Matthew Amidon, Engineering

Drew Delano, Engineering

Zhang Ming, Engineering

Aaron Montanez, Designer

Ashlee Song, Designer